Want cash for your mortgage note now? At Capital Assets Group LLC, we can help!

Learn Your Options!

Capital Assets Group helps you get cash now for your mortgage notes.  No matter what the situation we can help.  If you are concerned your buyer will stop paying, or you just want to get the cash you need now without waiting years, we can help!  We pay cash for notes even if the borrower has stopped paying!

We offer a free consultation and assessment of your particular situation so we can find the best solution possible.  With Capital Assets Group, there is never any upfront costs for our services.  When we make a deal, we offer top dollar for your mortgage notes.  Contact us today so we can assess your situation, and get you cash now.

Get Educated and Get Cash Now

Have questions about your mortgage note? Want to know how we determine their value when we make you an offer for cash? Want to make your note worth more over time?  Click below to learn more!

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